Team für historische Simulationen / Team for historical Simulations

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Meetings at the HQ

Our regular meetings will start again on Friday 15th January continuing every other Friday. Have a look at the Agenda for details.

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Tactica / Hamburg 2016

On the 27th and 28th February our Team will present Skirmish at Disuq - Egypt 1801 by Bernhard Hennen and again by popular demand Squigg-Hopper Dungeon Death Race by Georg Albrecht.

Crisis/Antwerp 2015

On the 7th November THS presented "Plancenoit 1815" at Crisis in Antwerp with much success. Have a look at Michael's topic in the Lead Adventure Form and Stefan's Monts's Caravan Blog. Our future plans include a presentation at Tactica/Hamburg in Februar 2016 which is at present top-secret!

Pictures provided by Michael Immig and Holger Bartnitzki, click on picture to enlarge