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Such a long time ago!

In January our Team celebrated its 25th anniversary.
In February we also celebrated 40 Years Wargame-Conventions in Germany.
In August, again 40 years ago, we joined an internationalen Wargames-Convention for the first time in Tervuren/Belgium.

What is coming up next?

Crisis 2017 in Antwerp - We will present the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War (North-West-Frontier) using The Men who would be Kings,

For Tactica 2018 we will again present the scenarion from the Anglo-Afghan War plus SiD - Shootout in Dingstown, a Western-gunfight.

CONflict in Langenfeld on June the 2nd and 3rd will see us with Mamelukes & Monuments - On Napoleon's order to the necropoleis of Upper- Egypt
and again Shootout in Dingstown.

2019 we will go (among others) for the Batavian revolt 69 AD..