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Jason And The Argonauts
(muscles, monsters & miniskirts)

Jason, Hercules, Atalante, Argo, Zetes and some more Argonauts


In this mini-campaign, our brave heroes will sail the Aegean and the Black Sea in search for the Golden Fleece. Several short scenarios will combine to cover the whole journey to Colchis and back again. Some of the brave companions will not make their way back home, while others may return covered in glory.
You will control one major hero or heroine with special abilities and a handful of followers. You may quit playing at the end of each scenario and join in again later.
The gamemaster controls all events, NPC`s, monsters and adversaries. He also can bless you with the favour of the gods. He will tell you about the current situation, what options you have and may ask you to test your luck or your skills by throwing the dice and he will let you know the outcome. You do not need to bother with rules or book keeping. So this is rather a mixture of role-playing and wargaming.

Cyclops Medusa

The mission

Never and under no circumstances, let me repeat, do not offend the Gods!

Heracles fighting a child of the Hydra Atalante meets Hypsipyle the Amazon

Idea to this scenario and games-rules

G.F.Angell in Miniature Wargames (No. 216 May/2001)

Further ideas and Sources

Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes (the original)
The Jason Voyage - The Quest for the Golden Fleece by Tim Severin, Hutchingson & Co, London 1985 describing the voyage of Jason in a replica of the Argo in 1984
Jason and the Argonauts, movie from 1963 featuring the famous Ray Harryhausen stop-motion-monsters
Jason and the Argonauts, movie from 2000 featuring a rather disappointing Denis Hopper as Pelias but a Medea (Jolene Blalock) worth fighting for
And a few ideas gathered here and there from Greek mythology plus several sword and sandal B-movies
Minotaur Guardian of the Golden Fleece

Recommended miniatures and terrain

Fighting Cerberus ... and the Teeth of Hydra

Final notes

Jason And The Argonauts has been designed in January 2008 by Karl-Heinz Kieckers of the THS Team for Historical Simulations for the convention Murphy Mania 2008 to be staged in Delft. Have a look at the flyer also!
All miniatures captured in the pictures belong to the collection of the webmaster.