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Welcome to Tsingtao

zur deutschen Version zur deutschen Version
Based on Michael Immig stromg imagination.
Pictures by Michael Immig & Karl-Heinz Kieckers
Implemented by the whole team.
First presented at Tactica 2009 in Hamburg
weiterCrisis 2009 in Antwerp

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Willem (Wilhelm II. emperor of Germany), as his granny Victoria liked to call him, is currently visiting his imperial protectorate of Kiao-Chau (Tsingtau or Tsingtao) taking special interest in the “Germania”-Brewery, a modern production enterprise in the heart of Tsingtao. His hope lies on this beer-brand’s future potential ... Taking residency in the mundane Tsingtao-Club adjacent the harbour where his transport, light cruiser HMS Lusenbrink, is anchored, he is looking forward to enjoying his stay – this so far being the official version ... The true score of German secret diplomacy however is the delivery of construction plans for a novel weapon of disastrous destruction powers through Kensei Nakamura, a Japanese top-spy. The so-called “Wotan-Bomb” or “Dragon’s Breath” in Japanese has secretely been engineered by a German-Japanese scientific team in Tokyo. The purpose of this machinery of destruction is to empower both nations to divide the world among themselves. In such turbulent times however, shortly after the Boxer Rebellion, no secret is kept for long and the Kaiser’s enemies gained knowledge of these diabolic plans already weeks ago. No wonder they are plotting to intercept the handover and at least destroy the prototype and plans, if not steal them for themselves.

Current Situation

For two days already high ranking German and Japanese scientists have been assessing the plans under supervision of Nakamura and the Kaiser, when intelligence reveals Tsingtao to be closed in by allied naval and ground forces. In order to quickly react to the threat, the British Empire has diverted troops of the Army of India already under way to Africa and commissioned Sir Henry Mortimer Durand to take care of the situation, who in turn chose to let his close ally, Mohammad Yaqub Khan participate and bring in his personal retinue. Thus taken by surprise and with their strength scattered around the many consulates, the Germans barely manage to improvise ad hoc fortifications in the hope of resisting until the arrival of a relief force ordered to force march. Coming into the bargain are several factions of Boxer-gangs who, at issue how to overthrow the intruding detested “long-noses”, have decided to go with the lesser evil and rise against the respectively other imperialist party. Thoughtful adepts of history will not be surprised at the appearance of a whole arsenal of the developed steam age, including steamtanks, rayguns and airborne machinery alongside miscellaneous colonial and regular troops.

Crisis 2009 in Antwerp

We are the champions ..., our team at Crisis
Best Participation Game
Additionals Highlights
steampowered crane
Scatch-built: M.Immig
"Fast Food"
"... and ACTION"
Chinese Civilians
painted by H.Bartnitzki

Find out more about the heavy-duty-steampowerd-crane at the Lead Adventure Forum.
Chinese Civilians are taken from a range of Obelisk Miniatures designed by Josef Ochmann and based on pictures taken in China-Town, San Francisco at the turn of the century.