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German Wargames Championships
WRG 6th edition

Please note, that the THS is not the organizer of the tournaments. The webmaster merely support the championships thus helping to keep the WRG 6th rules in focus.

The tournaments are held using 15mm miniature armies divided into the periods Ancients, Dark Ages and Medieval. Gamers are welcomed to participate regardless their nationality. For the team-championships three gamers will represent one period each. At the individual tournaments only one period will be selected for all participants. Armies must conform to the army-lists published by the Wargames Research Group (WRG) or th Books of Hosts (BOH) in a strength of 1250 points. For more information on the tournaments please download the German Amendments.

Individuals 2017

The Individuals will take place on the 1st and 2nd April at the knights-hall of the Marksburg-Schänke / Braubach starting on Saturday at 9 am.
The period is Dark Ages: 426AD to 1175AD (no SHK allowed!)
Please send your application to Johannes Müther ( and your army-list to Paul Frith ( Deadline for both is the 19th March.
The entry-fee is 25,- € for the whole weekend. You are welcomed to join our evening-dinner an Saturday-night at the venue. There is also an informal get-together on Friday-night at the Laguna.
There will be no self-catering this time as the Marksburg-Schänke offers drinks and food. The entry-fee has been reduced accordingly.
Visitors and camp-followers are welcomed. A bring & buy will be arranged for.
Please take into account German Amendments - version 2016 and the handicap-rules according to your ranking..
Click here to downlod the invitation.

Team-Championship 2017

Die team-tournament 2017 is scheduled for the 18th and 19th November again at the knights-hall of the Marksburg-Schänke.

Team-Championships 2016

Pleas find the results of the championship here as to download.

Individual Championship 2016

The championship took place at the gym of the TV Braubach on April 2nd and 3rd involving 20 wargamers.
(click on picture to enlarge)
Paul Frith became first, Thomas Kröhnke second and Stefan Madre third.
The unlucky fellow of the tournament was Bernd Leimböck, who laughed it away, as you can see.
Click here for the results in detail.
Have a look at some snap-shots

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