Team für historische Simulationen / Team for historical Simulations

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Welcome to our website!

[Picture: The Team]

We are a small, multinational group of wargamers, simulating historical battles of any period and fictional conflicts in small scale using painted miniatures, specially designed terrain and commercial- as well as house-rules.

Our meetings are on short notice. Please refer to news for further information.

You may find pics from our miniatures and scenarios in blogs and forums such as the Lead Adventure Forum (LAF)" or the websites of the shows we attend regularly (Tactica in Hamburg, Crisis in Antwerp ...).

We take quite some pride in the trophies we won at several shows and contributing pics and information to publications such as the Black Powder and its supplements "Pike & Shotte", "Albion triumphant", "The Devils Playground" and "A Clash of Eagles" by Warlord Games plus in providng articles ("Fort Georg 1779", "Krasnoje 1812") for the magazine "Wargames Illustrated".

By the way, we are a just a bunch of people sharing the same hobby, so there are no such thing as membership- or entrance-fees, committees, boring AGM's and the like.

Come around and see for yourself!  Visitors are always welcomed.

Do you have any more questions concerning our team or the hobby?
Please contact
THS - Team for historical Simulations
co. Karl-Heinz Kieckers
Hackberger Strasse 2
D-40699 Erkrath

In order to protect this website from further cyber attacks the direct link to an email-form is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience.