Team für historische Simulationen / Team for historical Simulations

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Here we are . . .

Axel Bernhard Georg Heinz Holger
Karl-Heinz Michael Robert Stefan


born in Rheydt in the year of the first landing on the moon, came via "The Lord of the Rings" first to Role Playing and then consequently to the related fantasy miniatures. Introduction to tabletop with Warhammer - mainly as excuse to collect and paint even more miniatures. Since he joined THS in 2008 his collection received new impulses and Colonial as well as Napoleonic troops cover his shelves now. His main focus is on the painting of miniatures and the admiration of painted and converted miniatures of others. He prefers simple and easy to handle game rules and hates any kind of special rules, probably because he usually forgets them while playing. Therefore, Axel has developed his own simple Old West skirmish rules, which can be expanded by optional special rules if you like. For further information see SiD - Shootout in Dingstown.


thinks that already too much has been published about himself in the internet, for instance on his own homepage. So let's just say, he is our man, when it comes to rule-writing and playtesting.
Caption: "This is definitely not according to my plans. I wonder what will happen next!"


was born 1967 and lives in Hilden. He earns his living as a computer-programmer for a well known insurance company. In the hobby since 1988 and learned about wargaming through role-playing, thus being spoiled by GW-merchandising. For him wargaming does not need to be 100 percent historical. He likes Fantasy and SF even more. Another exotic hobby of his is dragonboat-racing.
Here you can see him, trying to spot the white enemies eye's.


from Krefeld. Actually his full Christian name is Heinz-Dieter. He is a gifted painter of historical miniatures and paints fast and very professional. This does not prevent him from experimenting with new techniques. He is always positive and cheerful and that is why everybody likes him so much.
Caption: What are they up to now? Ordering my Landwehr to face the enemies artillery? I'd better turn a blind eye to this.


was born in Duesseldorf in 1967. His profession is graphic designer. As a youngster his favourite hobby was modelling until he learned about wargaming in 1985. His main area of interest spreads from the gunpowder-era into the far future but sometimes he takes a sidestep into Medieval or Fantasy. His favoured stratagem is: "Do the unexpected and puzzle your opponent!" A tactic which sometimes backfires. He hates rule-discussions, overcomplicated rules, uncoordinated actions and "overloaded" ruelbooks.


nicknamed Kalle or Osman, the later because of his obsession for the Orient. He is the senior of the team, avowing "Rhinelander" and IT-specialist in retirement. He started wargaming ages ago when he was only 15 years old, using Elastolin-miniatures. Sometimes drifting away to role-playing and classical board games he always gets back to his roots, historical wargaming. His favourites are Balkan and oriental armies (anything from ancients to colonials) plus Napoleonic Rhinebund states.
As often as he can, he is off to visit battlefields, museums and fortifications.


was born in the same year as Mel Gibson and got his first Historex®-kit and premier issue of Dungeons & Dragons® during a school trip to London in 1973. From then on calamities started with painting his first Asgard®- and Citadel®- miniatures in acrylics and playing AD&D® and Call of Cthulhu® . After studying history and geography he ended up designing miniatures for Hobby Products® (Metal Magic®). He has successfully participated in many national and international painting contests, had built rather large dioramas and was featured in several publications (White Dwarf® etc.). He later became managing director for Fantasy Productions® (DSA®, Shadowrun®, Battletech® etc.). Nowadays working as teacher at least. His main interests are: Organizing and painting his vast collection of miniatures, buying new miniatures to fill in the gaps, working on wargames terrain and buildings and inventing scenarios based on Monty Python® movies. Most of his collection are Victorian Science Fiction, Steampunk Incredible Machines®, Darkest Africa®, Pulp®, Back of Beyond®, High Medieval®, Burgundian Wars; Thirty Years War®, Vikings®, and many, many more. As Admiral Benbow® he moderates at the Lead Adventure Forum (LAF) and has a large gallery there besides his own homepage®.
In the picture he is documenting the events during one of the club's public games.


was born in 1966 in Torquay on the beautiful southern coast of England. He started rather classic by reading Lord of the Rings, playing Dungeons & Dragons, discovering wargaming and buying his first Minifigs tunnel-elves. After a visit to Games Workshop in Hammersmith 1980 and the Gamesday 1983 he got hooked up completely. Anybody remember the large "orc with battering-ram" diorama behind the door of GW?). His first army was an ork-army (guess why) by Citadel from the fantasy-tribes-series. He prefers the unusual like squats for Warhammer 40k, steampunk miniatures and spanish colonials! He likes colonial wargaming , napoleonics (russo-swedish-war and Spanish) and ancients leading his dashing but not that effective Celts.
Apart from wargaming, his hobbies are surfing (on the Atlantic coast or in the internet) mountain biking (in the mud) und mixing rather obscure cocktails (for scientific reasons only) His latest a revolutionary discovery is: Wodka Ahoi - wodka on sherbet powder (do not try this at home!)
In this picture, he is captured asking himself, where he left the games-rules and whom to phone in the middle of the night, about that problem.!


Stefan joined the THS at the beginning of 2012. Born within the Rhine-Area and grown up in Düsseldorf he is a cheerful nature well and truly. Although Stefan is a rather quiet fellow he is always game for a joke. In the middle of the nineties he stepped into the wargaming hobby and explored the battlegrounds of fantastic worlds and futuristic conflicts. Meanwhile his main focus of interest changed towards blackpowder and muskets and his greatest problem is the well-known lack of time. At the gaming table he is a bit careless or daring sometimes. His main thing is an exciting game and comfortable atmosphere. Therefore Blackpowder is one of his favourite rulesets and he like to quote page 96: "(..) as we feel such thing can be settled perfectly happily by a civilised discussion over a glass of port." Regularly Stefan grants a look onto his workbench on his blog Monty's Caravan.